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Oh Mein Gott

Chroniken von einem Träumer

7 December
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You need only know me as Herr Doktor. At the moment, I am employed as the top scientist of the Millenium organization. I am syndactyle on both hands, making typing difficult und I also have a penchant for dressing in a provocative manner. I'm currently in the process of creating synthetic vampires; I can also summon demon cat-people given the time und space.

I love soap operas und spend my free time reading/cooking.

This is an RPG Journal for Dok from Hellsing, created by Kohta Hirano. Dok is played by Nekomatagrl who does not own this character or profit from the use of him in any monetary way. This player is over the age of eighteen. None of the character's actions taken in this journal and subsequest RPs for omg_adultswim are endorsed or backed by Kohta Hirano or any and all affiliated parties and companies of Hellsing.
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