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Feb. 18th, 2009


Ein Little Stressed

I'm so Gott-damned tired...Happy, but sehr, sehr tired. Things have finally started to take some form of order around here with der wedding planning und all; I just hired a coordinator for everything else. Ist nicht das I'm nicht looking forward to it all; on the contrary, I'm elated. I'm just...nicht gut under stress.

I'm pleased to say Herr Ishida finished mein dress. Before any of you have der gaul to open your mouths about das, nein...I'm nicht wearing it during der ceremony. Ist only for ein portrait und ein few other pictures. Nein...der only one wearing ein dress at this point das I know of ist mein Alan, but das ist to be expected.

As for Valentine's Day...It went sehr well. I got to sleep in. Das in itself ist ein huge gift as of late; I've been feeling more und more tired lately und I just can't seem to stay awake sehr long during der evenings. Breakfast in bed wasn't bad either und of course I doted on mein Engel ein great deal und gave him ein little
show of gratitude.

I also had Herr Major over during der late week und spoke with him. Ist been gut to get things off of mein chest und to talk to someone whom I've served over der decades. I hope to entertain his company again in der near future.

Jan. 24th, 2009


(no subject)

This month has been so busy with der planning und der organization und der strange gay men showing me ornate pastries und plates! I've never seen so many plates in mein life...Ist ein harrowing ordeal. I still need to have mein tuxedo fitted properly; you'd think they'd take into consideration just how tall some people can be, but noooo....Inconsiderate bastards...

 Pickles und I have decided to have der wedding sometime in late Febuary; everyone should be recieving invitations. We've decided to have it in der Fatherland in mein home-state of Hesse. Gott, it'll be sehr gut to be home again. Der country-side ist still clear und der borders of der Rhön Mountains are just as beautiful as ever. I've really missed it after all these years und ein open-air ceremony couldn't be done anywhere more pristine.

I'm so excited und exhausted...Now der only thing das troubles me ist whether mein Kinder are going to tear into der other guests und so help me, if any of you do, I'll fry you right there. Das ist nicht ein empty threat. I'll do it.

Jan. 4th, 2009


Holiday Excitement

Well, der holidays were quite bizarre, but it's not to say they weren't enjoyable. This Christmas certainly taught me that I'm not quite as nimble as I used to be und that I definitely need to take up yoga before I tackle handling mein Liebling's gift to me. I'm sehr glad that he likes der little terror I bought him; obese kittens are quite hard to find. Speaking of kittens, I do hope Jan und Kim's are acceptable; I just couldn't resist.

I've come to learn that going out to der shooting range with ein load of booze isn't ein gut idea. Granted, it was all an accident, my thigh really didn't need ein bullet in it. I went out shooting with Nathan ein few days before New Year's und we were drinking und cutting der fool. He had some pretty nice targets of some fucked up clown, but he missed at one point und then der bullet ricocheted off ein tree und der next thing I know, I'm bleeding all over der place. Und I was just standing there screaming like ein girl und flailing around until he carried me inside. I managed to dig it out alright, but I've been sort of gimping around der Haus as of late; at least I learned mein lesson though.

I'm feeling sort of restless just sitting around; though, I should probably sit down with Pickles und start planning der wedding. It all seems surreal und I really couldn't be happier for it.

Dec. 2nd, 2008


Might as well get der angst out of der way...

I'm not too happy at der moment. Not to say that I'm not sehr, sehr glad to have Pickles back from L.A., but...I suppose I should just leave it when I say I'm bothered. I'm thinking of going out to one of der clubs again...maybe just going out und drinking; I'm undecided. I haven't been out shooting in ein long time; mostly too busy to do anything outside of playing Duck Hunt und those stupid first-person shooter games. I don't know what's wrong with me, really. Tired und stressed I suppose.

I finally tried on mein uniform. It's beneath me; does absolutely nothing for mein figure. I hope those Gestapo uniforms were all made by greasy Italians if this ist what I have to put up with. Still, krieg ist krieg und it should prove to be interesting.

Nov. 4th, 2008


What ein Whirlwind Life Is...

Oh my...where to begin? So far, mein vacation has been absolutely wonderful. I never expected mein Engel's proposal, but how could I say 'No'? I can only imagine der creative threats mein Kinder have given him...Und on that note, I do appreciate it, however I do wish you lot wouldn't do it so often. Here's looking at you, <i>Jan</i>.

Pickles, would you still like to go to Japan? We don't have to if you don't want to; I'm easy.

[Lock to Pickles]

I've been thinking und I feel ein little bad... You asked mein Lieutenant, but...have you even talked with your own family? If they don't approve...it wouldn't change anything, really; but it's ein terrible thing to keep from one's parents, even if you do hate them.


Oct. 22nd, 2008


Done for the Season

I've finalized all of mein paperwork; it's all been filed. I'm through with it all until after Thanksgiving und if any of those wormy little boys from der labs try to bother me during mein vacation, I promise there will be Hell to pay.

I'm planning on spending some quality time with Liebling und if der time permits, visiting mein Kinder as well; I do miss mein Lieutenant. I don't expect Pickles und I would be travelling der entire time, but just because I'm at home does not mean I wish to be bothered unless it's an emergency. I've had enough distractions und now I'm ready to involve myself in ein project of mein choosing: I'm going to redecorate mein bathroom.

[[Lock to Kim]]

Fraulein, you are more than welcome to bother me any time; just give me a call before-hand. Bring der boy if you like.


Oct. 1st, 2008


(no subject)

Gut Gott, what ein week this has been! I was more than pleased to attend Herr White's party despite der rather large rising I obtained on der back of mein head from fainting. Between that und caring for mein invalid Kind, I've been run ragged. I do hope I'm able to obtain der equipment I need to fix his chip. I know it must be...ein hindrance at der least.

I'm thinking of doubling up on mein work und taking some time off again; it would be nice to have ein vacation, even if it only lasted ein few weeks. I still haven't actually used der plane Pickles gave me. Perhaps we could go somewhere....

Sep. 19th, 2008


Der Walls!

Oh, Gott...Oh, Gott... I came back to mein room und everything was just dandy und I was eating some of mein Kind's cookies und I started feeling strange UND NOW DER GOTT DAMNED WALLS ARE MOVING AGAIN! They're coming after me just like last time, only now they're even more pissed und they want mein soul! Liebling, where are you?! I'm locked in mein closet, but don't let der wall demons get you too! Gott! Someone help me!

Sep. 14th, 2008

All tangled up inside

I think I bruised mein ribs...

Damn, I'm sore! That fucking corset was ein bit much for der full three days. I suppose I'll just have to pace myself next time. I do sincerely hope mein Liebling enjoyed his celebration, though. I felt so terrible having to lie to him, but I wanted him to have der most enjoyable birthday he's ever had!

I think I got ein little drunk towards der end, though. I remember one of those young men on der ship saying something derogatory und me pulling mein vhip on him und his friends. It gets ein little hazy after that, und der next thing I remember ist pulling some baggies out of mein corset vhen I got undressed. Das ist fine, though; I'm more than happy to let mein Engel have them as long as he'll share just ein bit.

Herr Amarao, I sincerely enjoyed speaking vith you.  I hope you'll drop by sometime und ve'll drink again.

Aug. 21st, 2008

sex this

Pickles' Birthday

 Vell, since der whole...incident... Pickles und I decided to have his little celebration last night und I gave him his gift: his own personal collection of pornographic photos of me und....ein clone of myself! Alan ist der sweetest thing I've ever seen und I was so happy that he und Liebling got along so well! After all the crazy things going on, I thought perhaps that mein origiinal idea of an orgy might be somewhat...unsafe, but I think Alan will suffice nicely. 

Happy Birthday again, mein Pickles. May there be many more happy years to come.

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